South gate of the giant, Bédoin covers 6300 hectares of forest on the Ventoux and ranked among largest communes of France. It is also the most difficult climb. From Saint-Estève, no chance to breathe, except for 200 m before the Chalet Reynard.

Malaucène, the summer residence of the Popes in Avignon, is in a lush, is his church, its romanesque churches, fountains and sinks, the old city and its walls. Slope difficult despite some slight slope that does not necessarily like it at all. Just before the Mont Serein there is a long straight of over 1 km and more with high slope that seems no end.

The crossing of the Massif des Cèdres is the reward for the hard day: no cars, no pedestrians, absolute quiet. The rider can cope with the loneliness and see twice a sneak peak of the giant.
Start after 9 km from Bédoin. Turn left into the Massif des Cèdres (at the beginning of the Forest road). Bar passage barred, except for residents. Continue for 11 km (road in poor condition) to rejoin the road Malaucène to 1,5 km above the Mont Serein. Continue to the summit.

In the land of the great outdoors, riding on narrow roads lined with lavender you can find local products, the heritage of Rome, the charm and atmosphere of the highlands. This side departing from Sault to high altitude is less difficult than others.


Starting altitude
max 760 m - Sault
min 290 m - Bédoin/Forest road
Finishing altitude
1909 m
max 25.8 km - Sault
min 21.2 km - Malaucène
Difference il level
max 1620 m - Bédoin/Forest road
min 1210 m - Sault
Average gradient
max 7.5 % - Bédoin/Malaucène
min 4.7 % - Sault
Maximum gradient
max 14.0 % - Malaucène
min 12.5 % - Bédoin/Forest road/Sault

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