Until 1988, thousands of cyclists had climbed the famous Mont-Ventoux (Windy Mount) by one of three main roads (Bédoin, Malaucène, Sault) and all were very proud to have added to their brilliant palmares this performance qualified by numerous winners of the Tour de France as the hardest of all the major french and even european passes. Length 21.5 km, difference in level 1620 m: a concentrate mountain!

In 1988, during Easter in Provence in Miramas (organized by the French Federation of Cycle tourism), the challenge was to climb the same day, 3 times the Ventoux by the 3 main roads. The cyclist who successfully finished this performance would be called Cinglé du Mont-Ventoux and he definitely would come in the newborn Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux (Club or Brotherhood of the Mads of the Windy Mount).
The organizer shows that any cyclist, normally driven without excessive fatigue could meet this challenge.

In 1998 a strongest option allowed Cinglés become Galériens by adding a fourth climb by the famous Forest road (from Bédoin).

In 2007 is born the option Bicinglette which doubled the option Cinglé.

Each year hundreds of candidates trying their luck on the slopes of the "Giant of Provence".
Good luck!

Christian PIC
Cinglé n° 1, 369, 999, 1499, 1936, 2399, 2799, 3399, 3899, 4499, 7299, 10399, 11599
Galérien n° 1, 99


265 - 1.82%
6 climbs [2B - 2M - 2S]
274 km - 8800 m
13616 - 93.75%
3 climbs [1B - 1M - 1S]
137 km - 4400 m
643 - 4.42%
4 climbs [1B - 1M - 1S - 1F]
183 km - 6020 m

[B] Bédoin
[M] Malaucène
[S] Sault
[F] Route forestière

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